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Escondida Ranch 

Escondida Ranch is located in North Edinburg off of Brushline Rd. It is home to Axis, Black bucks, and White-Tail Deer. Escondida Ranch sits on 300 Acres and is located in North Edinburg. Most of our genetics out in the ranch are from our on site deer breeding facility.

Los Papalotes 

Los Papalotes is not only a wedding venue but we have also a section of our ranch that is for hunting. It sits on approximately 150 acres. It is home to Axis, Black bucks, Fallow, & White-Tail deer. 

Las Lomas Ranch

Las Lomas Ranch is located in Freer, Tx. It is 5,000 acres full of our largest white-tail deer. 

Whitetail Hunts

Exotic Hunts

*** Prices are not final and may be adjusted based on size of the animal. Limited animals available. Contact Andrea Guerra at 956-340-9628 if interested.

More Information

All whitetail deer and Exotic hunts are guided. Our goal is to provide a fun experience and have happy hunters. Wounded animals (blood) are considered a harvest. 

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